With Ataribox, the legend comes back — running on Linux

With Ataribox, the legend returns — powered by Linux



Have you played Atari these days? Once a jingle’s catchphrase and a legitimate question, a resurrected form of the brand is wishing you’ll shortly be asking that concern once again with the upcoming Ataribox.

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Available to pre-order on Thursday for a special price via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the Ataribox is shaping around be an amalgam of retro gaming console and family room Computer. Details are mostly sketchy at this point, but we do know for sure that it will be run on some variation of Linux OS and certainly will consist of over 100 Atari classic games pre-installed.

unfortuitously for retro video gaming followers, the full set of games actually known however, nor do we understand other key information such as the Ataribox’s shipping day or its pricing (though VentureBeat reports it will probably sell approximately $250 and $300). Atari Interactive is dripping dribs and drabs through social networking, like the addition of titles like Asteroids, Missile Command, and Breakout.

The company has actually updated the style for the system while keeping details through the classic 2600 — as well as a choice with black trim and red shining Atari logo, you may get the Ataribox aided by the faux wood trim of the initial. The joystick additionally resembles the 2600’s, however with a revamped appearance that is more 2017 than 1980.

But by deciding to develop the Ataribox as a Linux-running mini PC, Atari is offering itself the opportunity to stay current with new games, unlike a number of the plug-and-play retro consoles. Though we don’t know the accurate setup, we’ve been assured something with an AMD processor personalized for the console therefore the ability to play mid-range games.

Will the Ataribox be popular like Nintendo’s SNES Vintage mini was? Or will it fizzle aside like other family area PCs that emerged before it, despite the retro trappings? The cost will clearly be a concern — regardless if it really is theoretically a PC, it may winding up costing whenever some versions of this Xbox One or PlayStation 4, not to mention that numerous potential buyers would only want it to relax and play the old Atari games. We’ll get a significantly better concept starting on December 14, as the Indiegogo campaign kicks off and Atari will see exactly how only lots of people will rush to start their particular wallets to seize an Ataribox.


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