Windows Phone 2.0? Microsoft toys with collapsible handset design with split camera

Windows Phone 2.0? Microsoft toys with collapsible handset design with split camera

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a Microsoft patent, developed by previous Nokians, reveals the company is considering how-to design larger cameras for thin phones utilizing a collapsible phone design.

The patent, labeled as split-camera autoalignment, details the company’s efforts to overcome the restrictions imposed on a digital camera’s abilities by ever before thinner smart phones.

Apple gave through to the flush digital cameras of early in the day iPhones, opting for the camera bump ever since the iPhone 6 to enable stronger digital cameras, because of the bump remaining also on thicker iPhone X.

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Microsoft is definitely reported having a collapsible phone in the works and has some patents for special hinges under its belt.

As this patent reveals, Microsoft is additionally exploring utilizing the collapsible design to its advantage in digital camera world, by splitting the optics system across two opposing sections. One side would house an optical sensor and lens as the other would house more than one lenses.

The patent in addition entertains the next when mobile phones are versatile as well as the ramifications for a camera that need rigidity: “reduced rigidity is burdensome for optical systems like cameras, which require exact positioning of interior componentry.”


Microsoft’s idea for a split digital camera originates in Finland.

Image: Microsoft

Tech professional analysis

a few former Nokians devised an alignment system for these types of products, that could make use of a collapsible phone design or with two pieces that slide and lock into each other once the cameras align.

The patent ended up being spotted by MSPoweruser, which also found two even more Microsoft patents for foldable phone styles that look to have all over dilemma of thick contacts in thin phones.

One of them, dubbed the ‘Floating digital camera module’, would allow for a digital camera that’s thicker versus unit and also for the camera to be pressed inward or outward so the digital camera protrudes from 1 side and/or other.

Microsoft called others design the ‘Retractable digital camera cap’, which attracts a protruding camera with a limit regarding opposite segment.

Besides helping tuck the digital camera away as soon as the product is collapsed, the retractable limit could double as a fingerprint sensor or eye-scanner once the phone is established flat, the patent notes.

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