Windows 10, Android and iOS: Gearing up for the following ecosystem fight

Microsoft windows 10, Android os and iOS: Gearing up for the next ecosystem battle

How huge is big enough? 100 million people? A billion users?

Big figures are back in the news headlines, as Microsoft verifies these day there are nearly 700 million products working Microsoft windows 10. Microsoft, obviously, had a genuine target of 1 billion products running Microsoft windows 10 within three-years of their launch.

That offers it through to the end of July hitting that miracle one billion, which is looking very unlikely thinking about its current trajectory, although truly it’s always been presumed that Microsoft was going to miss this objective, mostly because of its choice to take out of smartphones.

Whenever one-billion objective was floated in 2014, Microsoft had obtained Nokia’s smartphone business and had been positioning Microsoft windows 10 on mobile as an alternative to Android and iOS. But the assured breakthrough never came and Microsoft swiftly exited the smartphone company.

Huge numbers matter: getting as numerous users onto Microsoft windows 10 makes it easier for Microsoft to roll out brand new services quicker and help it move towards its sight of Windows as a service, and promotes developers to construct because of it also. It’s also well worth recalling that there are plenty more PCs on the market running house windows of one sort or another — someplace north of a billion.


Windows 10 adoption to date.

Image: ZDNet, data from Microsoft

Just how do the numbers for Windows compare with the 2 other big unit ecosystems, Android os and iOS? Sensibly really, it appears, particularly when you look at both the complete install base together with figures utilising the newest versions associated with operating systems.

In February, Apple stated it had a working install base of 1.3 billion products including Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches.

today it really is hard to understand how nearly all that total are iOS devices — about 100 million or maybe more are Macs, like. But Apple claims 76 per cent of devices opening its App Store are operating iOS 11. That would advise the full total quantity from the latest form of iOS is between 700 and 800 million.

In terms of Android, this past year Google said it had two billion active Android users, to ensure that number probably will have increased. But these people are spread across lots of versions of their extremely disconnected operating system.

Even the most well known form of Android os, Nougat, introduced in August 2016, only has a 31 % share of the market, which would indicate it has across the same amount of people as Microsoft windows 10.

Android os Marshmallow, established across the same time as Microsoft windows 10, makes up about about a quarter of all of the Android people. Android os Oreo, launched last summer, features a mere six % of Android people.

Exactly what comes after that?

The previous few years the energy is with Android and iOS because we’ve been buying less PCs. That may be about to change whilst the smartphone market in addition rapidly achieves saturation. As profits plateau, these technology leaders is supposed to be selecting another big thing.

The majority of the big technology businesses tend to be wagering that some sort of virtual-reality or augmented-reality wise glasses will be the next breakthrough about devices.

Microsoft features HoloLens, while Apple’s smart cups task is under wraps many details have previously emerged. Bing was experimenting with different success for a long time.

One huge question; can these giants make use of those vast variety of customers they have built-up to win the following technology revolution? It’s obvious these people were all caught flat-footed by the rise regarding the smart presenter and digital assistants preferred in the home. Amazon seized that possibility and went.

It had an unusual particular user base, one made of hundreds of millions of buyers. Another huge opponent coming up on the train is Twitter, with two billion people and every sign to be extremely thinking about AR and VR.

Having a captive market by means of a huge install base of hardware people is definitely the answer to success. The question now could be might that continue to be true if the after that huge thing comes along.

Microsoft won the desktop, Bing and Apple won the smartphone, and it also looks like Amazon is winning the wise home. Just who wins after that?


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