The five items that eliminate your iPhone's battery the quickest

The five things that destroy your iPhone's battery the fastest

basically had a dollar for each time someone complained about their iPhone’s battery pack, well, I’d have plenty of bucks. Breakages aside, battery pack overall performance problems make up the majority of the complaints I get about the iPhone.

i have been doing a lot of battery testing from the iPhone lately, and I’ve narrowed along the five primary causes responsible for draining electric battery life regarding the iPhone.

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number 1: winter

let me tell you the greatest battery pack strain. Both billing battery pack within the cold, and utilizing the iPhone in cold. While summer can have a detrimental influence on overall performance and electric battery life aswell, nothing zaps electric battery life-like the cold can.

room-temperature – around 20°C/70°F – is the greatest temperature for charging equipment. But since we don’t all live in climate-controlled areas, we can expand this range off to 5 to 45°C (41 to 113°F). Almost anything to either side with this and things can get harmful to the battery. This is especially true for charging battery pack at temperatures below 0°C/32°F, that may forever damage the battery.


  • Shop and charge your iPhone at as close to room temperature as you possibly can
  • maintain your iPhone in a pocket in cool weather
  • Kit you iPhone aside with a case if you are on trips in cool a lot
  • Don’t keep it to cold soak in a cold car in winter

# 2: Screen brightness

I discover modern-day displays become crazy brilliant, hence backlight is an enormous strain regarding electric battery – especially if you use your iPhone most you get lots of notifications that trigger the screen.


i would suggest dimming the show and turning on Auto-Brightness to obtain the best battery life.

  • To dim, swipe up through the base of every display screen to open Control Center and drag the Brightness slider into the right down to adjust
  • Auto-Brightness adjusts your screen to background lighting effects conditions instantly. To trigger this particular feature, head to setup > General > Accessibility and visit Display Accommodations and set Auto-Brightness to On

#3: bad mobile phone coverage

you can include bad Wi-Fi to the too, but poor protection has actually a better impact of battery life due to the fact iPhone is continually hunting for a far better sign.


  • Once you learn you’re going to maintain an undesirable signal area, you are able to both keep your iPhone on charge, or flick it into Airplane mode (swipe up through the Home display screen available Control Center and tap the Airplane mode symbol to stimulate)
  • Keep in mind that during Airplane mode you can not make or get calls

#4: Rogue app

Sometimes a defectively coded application can tear using your electric battery. I’ve even seen remarkably popular apps particularly Twitter or the YouTube app have bugs that can cause them to rip through a fully-charged battery in some hours, even if they may not be being used!


  • If you find your battery life getting out of the blue worse, head over to Settings > power and see what exactly is been consuming your battery pack probably the most lately
  • If you go through the like clock symbol close to final a day and final 1 week you will get a dysfunction of the way the applications have been running – anything with a large amount of back ground activity is a suspect
  • attempt either deleting the application, or alternatively head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and pull the plug on that app’s capacity to refresh within the back ground

number 5: plenty of notifications to arrive on your own Lock screen

It is not that typical, but We have encounter some individuals where in actuality the culprit for battery strain ended up being just limitless notifications coming in while their iPhone ended up being closed had been inducing the show to modify on continuously.


  • If you learn that you have a barrage of notifications from an app getting up your iPhone loads, it is possible to switch off notifications for the certain application in Settings > Notifications
  • Find the app and tap on it and disable the Show on Lock Screen

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