Senator questions Apple on older iPhone slowdowns

Senator concerns Apple on older iPhone slowdowns


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

A top ranking Republican senator wants answers from Apple following its revelation it decelerates older iPhones to prolong battery life without telling customers.

Senator John Thune, president for the Commerce, Science, and transport Committee, composed in a Jan. 9 page to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking in the event that company made an effort to inform consumers that their particular batteries had been becoming slowed down and in case clients had the capability to decline the improvement.

“even when Apple’s activities had been undoubtedly only to stay away from unanticipated shutdowns in older mobile phones, the big number of consumer critique leveled from the company in light of the entry suggests that there need been much better transparency with respect these methods,” Thune published (viaThe Hill).

Apple granted an apology in December for the misunderstanding of exactly how it handles overall performance for iPhones with older battery packs. In a page, Apple informed customers that is never done anything to “intentionally reduce the life span of every Apple product, or break down the consumer knowledge to-drive consumer improvement.”

Apple stated it started the training with regards to revealed iOS 10.2.1 last year, to stop the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE from shutting down from unpleasant energy conditions like cold temperatures, reasonable electric battery cost or electric battery ageing. So that they can remedy the situation, Apple discounted the price of out-of-warranty iPhone battery pack replacement to $29 (down from $79).

Inside the letter, Thune requires Apple if it considered making free battery replacements offered or a rebate open to customers which currently paid top dollar for an electric battery replacement. Thune also asked if iPhones more than the iPhone 6 are now being slowed down.

“Apple’s recommended solutions have actually encouraged extra critique from some consumers, especially its decision to not ever offer free replacement electric batteries,” Thune blogged.

Thune wants Apple to react to his page by Jan. 23. We achieved off to Apple for remark, and certainly will upgrade you when we learn more.

Early in the day recently, French prosecutors opened an investigation into Apple, after a customer group lodged a complaint in regards to the electric battery conflict. The team claimed Apple is engaging in “the training of in the pipeline obsolescence using goal of deliberately decreasing the lifespan [of a product] so that you can increase the replacement price.”

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