Samsung Gear IconX (2018) review: Comfortable, long-lasting cordless earbuds which can be ideal for operating additionally the gym

Samsung equipment IconX (2018) review: Comfortable, durable wireless earbuds being perfect for running as well as the gym


  • Comfortable and safe fit
  • Solid 5-7 hours of battery pack life
  • Touch user interface for control
  • Great quality of sound and volume level
  • Handy charging you case


  • Takes some rehearse getting touch software to focus regularly

one of the better items I bought in 2017 ended up being the Apple Airpods rather than a great deal for the quality of the sound or perhaps the fit, however for the convenience of connection and charging. The Apple Airpods weren’t the initial truly wireless headset, but the ease-of-use made them one of the best.

As a runner, the AirPods aren’t an option due to the loose fitting and decreased any water resistant rating. Going back couple of weeks, I have been operating using the brand new generation Samsung Gear IconX (2018) headset that adds liquid resistance, standalone music assistance, and more control choices in the headset in comparison to the Apple AirPods. Kit IconX is a significantly better cordless headset for athletes and gets better in several key places on the past IconX design.

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  • Storage capacity: 3.4GB for as much as 1,000 tracks
  • Sensors: Accelerometer and proximity
  • Mics: Two mics per earbud with background noise option
  • Water opposition: IP67 rating
  • Battery life: 82 mAh for every single earbud for as much as 7 hours of standalone songs playback or around 5 hours of Bluetooth online streaming from your view or phone. Battery instance has a 340 mAh battery.
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Earbud dimensions: 21.8 x 18.9 x 22.8 mm and 8 grams

Improvements inside years IxonX, compared to the past model, range from the vastly improved electric battery life (partly as a result of removal of an in-ear heartbeat monitor), use of USB Type-C instead of microUSB for recharging, plus the ability to update the headset firmware and transfer songs via your mobile phone rather than just through a computer. In general, this new-model is a massive enhancement during the last design that i’d never ever recommend.


The Samsung Gear IconX retail package includes the left and right wireless earbuds, a charging you case with incorporated electric battery and USB Type-C slot, a USB Type-C cable, a USB Type-C to USB Type-A dongle, small/medium/large silicone polymer earbud tips and wings (medium is put in regarding earbuds by default). It is possible to elect to purchase a black, red, or gray set of headsets aided by the black colored one showing up for examination.

the 2 earbuds sleep firmly in the case with a clear label the right and left earbud. Four small silver pins result in the charging connection from case electric battery towards earbuds with the earbud guidelines resting down in the event. The touch delicate outside of each earbud meets into the lid when shut.

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as soon as sealed, you will find signal lights on front side for the case to share with you in the event that headset is billing or otherwise not. Between those two indicator lights may be the cover release key when you push it the lid should spring load and pop-up for simple usage of the earbuds.

moving around the back you will find a USB Type-C slot focused in the event for recharging. To the right with this interface could be the Bluetooth pairing option you will must setup contacts with different Android os and iOS products.

the exterior of this earbuds are touch sensitive and painful and there are a variety of taps, swipes, alongside actions to undertake various features. As an example, one tap plays or pauses a track, a two fold tap plays next track or answers/ends a dynamic telephone call, a triple tap action plays the prior track, a feeling and hold will introduce the menu readout where you could elect to start exercising right from the headset, and swipes up or down get a handle on the quantity. It is possible to launch a voice assistant as well as pick Google Assistant in place of Bixby if you want.

With songs filled from the headset, you may possibly see to seven hours of battery life. If you’re online streaming that songs from your own phone or view, then you may see around five hours of electric battery life.

Smartphone computer software

exactly the same Samsung Gear app that you apply to get in touch equipment smartwatches towards phone is used when it comes to equipment IconX. There’s two tabs for customizing and managing your Gear IconX knowledge; info and options.

the data tab includes an earbud condition signal (with guidelines), an amount slider, a songs widget with ability to initiate music transfer directly to the earbuds, a music selector (phone/IconX), and a location to connect that Samsung Health.

Settings feature songs, notifications, exercise, discover my equipment, ambient noise, read out loud menu options (you can toggle on/off and reorder them), voice guide language, and About.

There is an integral operating mentor which may be helpful on occasion because the advisor encourages you to definitely accelerate or slow down and promotes one to enhance in other means. To start out, touch regarding the workout choice in settings then touch on mentor. Right here you can easily select the kind of coaching you may need from beginner to advanced running activities. Ensure that you also then toggle regarding sound assistance to hear the advisor talk to you through IconX throughout your run.

The smartphone application additionally offers you research photos to touch controls from the IconX so you can find out these details over time. It offers taken some training, but We have a lot of the touch controls down today and am experiencing the headset even more than when I first tried out the earbuds.

Price and competitors

The 2018 Samsung equipment IconX features a MSRP of $199.99. But the Samsung site at this time has actually a $40 lowering of price so you can collect a pair for $159.99.

various other competing certainly cordless earbuds are the Bragi Dash professional who has 4GB of storage and automated task trackings. They’re coming in at a fairly large $329. The Jabra Elite Sport headset, one of my faves, costs $249.99 and certainly will be found for sale right down to $199.99 sometimes.

Each day consumption experiences and summary

we seen smartwatches adding much more power to function as stand alone products for runners who would like to leave their particular phones at the rear of. Because of the Samsung Gear IconX, you’ll pay attention to music, receive coaching, and monitor some standard information (rate, distance, and calories) without a wristwatch or a phone at your fingertips. The basic data is synced to Samsung wellness, however it is not shooting GPS data so might there be restrictions to just how precise action tracking is via the earbuds.

There has already been an eruption of completely cordless earbuds, but battery life, solid connectivity, user interface elements, and audio quality have problems of many of those. Samsung enhanced on last many years IconX with longer battery life and improved wireless performance that is confirmed with my time spent commuting and running using headset.

the very first day we moved working, I had the medium earbud tip and wing regarding IconX. This was just a little too small for my ears therefore the earbud relocated down somewhat while the proximity sensor detected we removed the earbud. We installed the large tips and wings a day later I went operating as well as the IconX failed to move around in my ears and the noise had been consistent.

I had reduced sound on some headsets in past times, but the IconX provides good volume and a solid hearing knowledge.

The Samsung equipment IconX works closely with the Gear application on Android os and iOS devices. This feature compatibility chart details what realy works with Samsung, various other Android os, and iOS smart phones. I tested the IconX on all three and my requirements discovered the feeling is solid on every unit.

With my Samsung equipment S3 Frontier linked via LTE I truly can keep the telephone behind using this view and also the new Samsung Gear IconX. Using current $40 rebate, $159.99 for the IconX is a great buy.

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