Samsung Galaxy S9 review: Not perfect, but still a stellar phone

Samsung Galaxy S9 evaluation: Not perfect, but nonetheless a stellar phone


  • Fast, reliable performance
  • It has a headphone jack!
  • Dependable camera


  • Battery life
  • Super Slo-Mo is good, not great

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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were launched in belated February and proceeded purchase in the middle of March. Since that time, ZDNet’s Matthew Miller reviewed the bigger Galaxy S9 Plus, proclaiming the product is “Android excellence obtained.”

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For around the past six weeks, i have used small Galaxy S9, deploying it as my just camera to pay for Apple’s Education celebration, and also as my everyday product for a prolonged amount of time.

although I mostly agree with Miller’s assessment, the Galaxy S9 has some flaws. Simply how much of an effect regarding general knowledge do those defects have? Let us look.

Keeping what realy works


(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

By all reports, the Galaxy S9 looks almost identical to just last year’s Galaxy S8 lineup. The Galaxy S9 has actually a 5.8-inch Infinity Display that forgoes pretty much all bezels and wraps around the edges with a slight bend. In the right side of phone is the power option, with a volume rocker and a separate Bixby switch on the remaining part.

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Without a doubt, just like ended up being the situation utilizing the Galaxy S8, the Bixby key from the Galaxy S9 continues to be just like pointless. Given, Samsung now provides users the possibility to disable Bixby as well as its committed option, but we however do not have the official option to use the key to introduce an app of your selecting.

on backside regarding the Galaxy S9 is its 12-megapixel digital camera, with double aperture and a fingerprint sensor. The positioning for the fingerprint reader is amongst the only artistic differences when considering this past year’s design as well as the Galaxy S9. Instead of placing the reader beside the remaining associated with camera, the Galaxy S9’s reader sits just beneath the digital camera. This new position seems more natural and is infinitely much easier to achieve with all the phone with one hand.

Samsung additionally left the 3.5mm headphone jack alone, establishing its smartphone apart from Apple’s iPhone lineup and Google’s Pixel 2 products. A USB-C interface from the base associated with Galaxy S9 is used for charging you and syncing the device with a pc. Above the phone is the combined microSD card and SIM card tray. The Galaxy S9 still has an IP68 score for dust and liquid weight.

The glass back stuck around also, making it possible for cordless charging and fingerprints and scratches to muck-up the look of your phone.



(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

Inside Galaxy S9 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of memory, a 3,000mAh battery pack, and 64GB of storage space. Starting might 1, clients can preorder a Galaxy S9 with either 128GB or 256GB of storage space directly from Samsung. Otherwise, cordless carriers and stores is only going to carry the 64GB model.

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We have no issues or problems with the device’s functionality. Apps start fast, scrolling through applications like facebook is stutter no-cost, and flicks look amazing on phone’s display.



Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the business’s latest iPad at a particular occasion in March 2018. The photo had been grabbed making use of the Galaxy S9 on auto mode.

(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

The 12-megapixel rear digital camera in the Galaxy S9 instantly switches between apertures of f/1.5 and f/2.4. Multiple apertures for a passing fancy lens is usually an attribute entirely on dedicated cameras.

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The more expensive f/1.5 aperture is employed mostly in low-light circumstances, whilst smaller f/2.4 aperture is much more commonly used. When utilizing automated mode the camera app identifies the scene and switches between your two apertures on its own so as to capture the greatest chance. People which like a little more control may use Pro mode within the digital camera app to manually select the aperture.

When I previously said, we utilized the Galaxy S9 as a camera to take pictures regarding the Apple keynote in late March. I left automatic mode allowed the complete time, and have now zero grievances aided by the results.

Not in the uncomfortable lighting effects circumstance, I remain impressed by the consistent overall performance of Galaxy S9’s camera. Because of the iPhone X, I feel just as if occasionally i need to do-all the considering framing, brightness configurations, and recording the chance just right to get the outcome i would like. Utilizing the Galaxy S9, I’m able to open the camera app, simply take a picture, plus frequently than not, it’s going to look how I expected.

The Galaxy S9 Plus boasts dual rear-facing digital cameras, that will be one feature i actually do desire Samsung had within the standard Galaxy S9.

Super slo-mo

Not merely one to stay for regular slow-motion, Samsung opted to include 960fps slow motion capture on Galaxy S9 lineup. The feature is found in the camera app and has now two different capture modes: handbook or car.

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With Auto selected, you put a place regarding the display for which you anticipate the motion to occur. When the digital camera detects movement, it starts recording 0.2 seconds of video. That apparently minuscule amount of time is extended to six-seconds of video because of slow motion. When using handbook mode, as soon as the shutter is pushed, the phone records equivalent 0.2-second video.

Whenever Super Slo-Mo works, the end result is impressive and provides you a method to see things in movement like you’ve never seen before. But problems have to be perfect. As an example, a well-lit location — such as for instance external in the day — is virtually required. I tried generating a slow-motion clip in a moderately lit restaurant at one point, plus the outcome was a far also dark video clip.

I’ve attempted both handbook and automobile mode and discovered that handbook mode is one of constant option to capture a clip. With auto allowed, either the video began much too early and missed the things I desired to see in slow-motion, or even the movement ended up being missed completely.

On the bright side, handbook mode takes training in order to get the time simply appropriate.

Battery life

This is where in fact the Galaxy S9 drops lacking excellence. Within my time using the phone, i have regularly must charge the device shortly after supper to make it until I go to sleep; and that is with sitting within my table, utilizing the phone sparingly for the workday.

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I hardly ever practiced any battery life problems with the Galaxy S8, despite it obtaining the exact same exact measurements of an electric battery.

Possibly Android Oreo has one thing to do with the quick strain on battery, or there’s something different Samsung did using the Samsung Enjoy tweaks, that your business makes to Android, which is causing bad battery pack life.

The Galaxy S9 Plus has a bigger electric battery at 3,500mAh, and would probably become device i’d buy easily had to make a decision tomorrow.

Android os’s most useful?


(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

The Galaxy S9 is amongst the best Android os mobile phones available, but is it the best? No.

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The subject goes either to the Galaxy S9 Plus or Bing’s Pixel 2 XL.

For me personally, the Galaxy S9 does a lot of things appropriate. Thinking about the display, the camera, overall performance, and versatility of Android os the Galaxy S9 is a top-notch phone. But bad battery life left me with disappointment, as well as on one event, without a phone for a whole night in a completely various city.

If you refuse to pay extra the Galaxy S9 Plus, or don’t want a phone that huge (i can not blame you), and opt to go with the smaller Galaxy S9, i would recommend picking up a Mophie Juice Pack. We have one and do not set off without it.

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