Samsung DeX 101: change a Galaxy phone into your main computer system

Samsung DeX 101: change a Galaxy phone into your primary computer

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The vow of employing your phone as your primary computer system is starting to become possible.

Contemporary smart phones are more effective versus computers made use of just a couple years back, but within the last ten years, we’ve seen unsuccessful tries to turn our handheld products into computer systems. Remember the Palm Foleo in 2007, the Redfly Mobile Companion in 2009, or the Motorola Atrix last year.

Microsoft looked to have a promising product with Continuum, but then we saw the end of Microsoft windows 10 Mobile. In early 2017, Samsung established the DeX Dock because of the Galaxy S8, and contains substantially improved its functionality at regular periods with improved help launching with every consecutive brand-new leading Galaxy phone.

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What exactly is Samsung DeX?

Samsung DeX is much more than docking station hardware; it really is a system that converts your smartphone into a desktop computing experience. The newest Galaxy Tab S4 expands the DeX experience to an external monitor through an HDMI cable without docking place equipment required.

The DeX system contained within suitable Samsung smart phones and pills jobs a complete desktop environment to an outside monitor in a desktop mode. Apps optimized for DeX look and purpose similar to everything get in a PC environment so that you can undoubtedly encounter complete processing without the need to utilize magnified phone applications.

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Who’ll make use of Samsung DeX?

While consumers could likely make do with employing their phone as his or her just computer system, and therefore be perfectly content with DeX as a desktop computer computing experience, the most important focus of DeX may be the enterprise.

There are a number of use situations and business consumers for DeX, detail by detail under, but a vital explanation DeX is important toward enterprise is that smart phones have grown to be tools which are constantly around, therefore having a cellular and desktop-capable device in a single saves money, gets better safety, enhances productivity, and fulfills customers that are frequently frustrated using their desktop processing experience.

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Whenever smart phones serve as the primary processing system for a company, IT can easily keep them updated, the phones are tracked or erased if lost or stolen, staff members can perhaps work at flexible workstations for the business or just around the whole world, custom applications are deployed the business, workers can travel with a less heavy pack, and one device can be utilized for all work-related jobs.

Path warriors

The very first DeX Station had been a little chunky and to fully enjoy a desktop computer experience you had for connecting to an outside monitor while also packing across the DeX facility, an exterior keyboard, and a mouse. This made for a package that wasn’t preserving a lot over a laptop, assuming you used a monitor on location. The subsequent DeX Pad permitted your Samsung smartphone to act as a mouse and keyboard so there had been area and body weight savings for road warriors.

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Taking care of of being from the company for a thorough length of time is being forced to be sure you move jobs and information from 1 device to another. With a Samsung mobile device as your just processing platform, that concern goes away. Road warriors in addition now only have to replenish one device, do not need to be fluent on several different processing systems, have a centralized solitary device for communications, and just must record one unit while moving between airports, trains, automobiles, and more.

Emergency response/law enforcement

One regarding the very first business areas to consider Samsung DeX was responders. iKey revealed a keyboard/display combination that put the full workstation in a responding automobile when a compatible Samsung phone ended up being docked. Officers can collect photographs and data on the phone during scene and dock the phone to continue the feeling with a full keyboard and monitor.

Disaster response and law enforcement cars frequently encounter exorbitant environments and causes. Before tough computers that could manage these activities were purchased at large rates. With a Samsung smartphone and a DeX docking answer, an important cost benefits could be realized. Responders may save your time in organizing photographs and documenting circumstances if the phone works effortlessly using docking place.

Hospitality and travel

Business facilities are normal in resorts as well as airports, however these need computers, screens, keyboards, and workers to maintain and have them secure. Extremely common for people to log within their records on these provided computer systems, opening themselves up for safety breaches.

If these business facilities simply had external tracks, keyboards, mice, and DeX programs then your users might be accountable for their own safety, offer the processing energy, and in addition enjoy a familiar desktop computing knowledge around the world.


Hardware may be expensive purchasing, keep, and update. Small businesses also may have restricted office space, so optimizing the space for provided workstations or providing an easy method for effortlessly performing remote work could be desirable. Samsung smart phones with DeX programs can achieve these goals on the cheap cash.

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Small businesses might have minimal or outsourced IT help so making use of Samsung smartphones and DeX stations can save on cost of computing assistance.

Genuine Estate

Realtors live on their particular phones as communication with buyers and sellers is vital to their success. While mobile phones are key for communications, they are essential for getting photographs, gathering a client’s requirements and desires, doing monetary computations, plus. Realtors also invest an important length of time on the highway, exploring houses, and in provided office rooms.

Samsung DeX docking solutions can be put up in each of these places plus the agent can potentially connect their particular Samsung product, conduct business, after which disconnect and get on your way once more. Model houses may have an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse to make certain that numerous realtors could dock and make use of these tools without worrying all about security or client confidentiality.

How will you utilize Samsung DeX?

Connect your appropriate Samsung Galaxy phone to a DeX docking product, an outside display, a Bluetooth or USB mouse, and a Bluetooth or USB keyboard, and you are prepared experience a desktop knowledge about not many limitations.

DeX platforms

The DeX facility ended up being the initial piece of hardware launched when it comes to DeX platform. This 230g puck has actually a round system that perspectives around hold your phone-in a reclined vertical place. The DeX Station has actually a built-in air conditioning lover as well as acts as a phone charger.

There are ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB Type C ports from the straight back of the DeX facility. It really is now available for just $69.99 with a genuine launch cost of $149.99.

This present year’s DeX Pad is an appartment device in which your suitable Samsung phone rests on its back plugged into the USB-C slot. Your Samsung phone can act as a keypad and keyboard, also, so you could only have an external monitor and luxuriate in a DeX processing experience.

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The DeX Pad is costing simply $68.88, regular price of $99.99, and includes HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB kind C harbors. There isn’t any ethernet slot in the DeX Pad, but it addittionally does have a cooling fan and fees up your phone during use. It only weighs 135.4g, it is therefore an even more lightweight solution compared to the DeX Station.

Supported smartphones and tablets

discover the Samsung Note 9

Samsung DeX launched utilizing the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, so those devices are fully supported. Besides, the Galaxy S8 Active, Note 8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, and new Galaxy Note 9 all use the Samsung DeX platform. Additional functionality had been included using Android os Oreo inform, therefore make sure that your phone is updated for this form of Android.

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Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Tab S4 and it is 1st tablet to support DeX.

Desktop applications

The pc software side of the DeX system has actually advanced somewhat in the last 18 months and continues to get better as Samsung develops partnerships with developers and industries develop custom solutions. When you can use every application put in in your phone from the external monitor, the very best desktop experience will take spot through optimized applications. Besides, your phone continues to work as a phone in order to make calls, send/receive texts, and much more while linked in the DeX setup.

The first thing you’ll see when you connect your DeX setup is a complete show with a history picture, application shortcuts, and a launcher for your applications. Multitasking is fully supported, too, so if you have a large exterior monitor, it is possible to run numerous applications simultaneously. The Samsung smartphones have stunning power and capability to allow the utilization of numerous apps at a time.

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Numerous apps tend to be optimized for big display, and this is when the true energy of DeX is needed. By using these optimized applications you can observe even more content including your e-mail folders with e-mail preview panes on one show. E-mail, Samsung Internet Browser, Microsoft Office apps, Microsoft Outlook, AutoCAD mobile phone, Adobe Photoshop apps, Bing Chrome, GoToMeeting, Gmail, YouTube, Spotify, and much more are all enhanced for DeX. Without regarding the enterprise, there are lots of games which can be additionally optimized for DeX, if you require a break from work this is certainly a chance, too.

While you will find enhanced apps and phone applications that really work in an inferior view, often more processing ability is required. Thankfully, remote accessibility virtual desktop computer infrastructure (VDI) capability is offered through solutions particularly Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon Client, and Amazon WorkSpaces. Basic solutions energetic, you can view a full window into your Microsoft windows computer straight back on the job and work without having any limits.

Keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop, and right-click functionality can be supported when in DeX mode. These action mirror typical desktop experiences and can shortly have you forgetting that your particular phone is powering the whole knowledge.


In inclusion to one of DeX docking solutions, to enjoy a complete desktop computer experience you ought to have a Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard connected to your Samsung phone. Connect and arranged all these devices within phone’s Bluetooth options just before connect with the DeX dock. You may want to utilize USB peripherals linked through one of several DeX docking solutions.

If no mouse is connected, you should use your Samsung phone screen as a trackpad whenever linked using the DeX Pad. Whenever a keyboard is certainly not connected, your display can also turn into a virtual software keyboard when text industries tend to be selected. This really is demonstrably a compromised experience, but works whenever traveling light without a keyboard offered.

With USB ports in DeX docking stations, anything with a USB cable is going to work on DeX. This consists of speakers, a webcam, powerful microphone, external hard drives, and much more. Some peripherals may require associated applications.

DeX alternative

While Samsung is currently in the lead using its DeX computing option, others are starting to check making the smartphone the primary computing product for all. Huawei recently launched its Desktop Mode in its latest mobile phones. When an HDMI cable is attached to an external display (no extra equipment needed), a desktop environment is projected from phone on monitor.

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You can find a rather limited amount of apps that presently support Desktop Mode, and many applications set up from the Huawei phone try not to even appear from the additional show whenever in Desktop Mode. Huawei features most strive to do to make this answer satisfactory the enterprise and also at as soon as its mainly a novelty for many standard tasks.

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