Samsung 49 inches QLED business monitor review: Multi-tasking single monitor setup

Samsung 49 inches QLED company monitor analysis: Multi-tasking single monitor setup

when you go with dual screens for work, it really is extremely hard to go back to an individual monitor. But in the event the single monitor is a Samsung C49HG90 49 inch curved widescreen, then an individual monitor that are perfect.

I began making use of my laptop with an outside screen at the office many years ago then setup my home office with a laptop computer connected to a 24 inch Dell touchscreen monitor. My double display screen use really tends to make traveling with a laptop or Pixelbook a bit challenging and I also occasionally connect my laptop to my resort television to boost my output.

Samsung began attempting to sell this C49HG90 49 inches QLED monitor last year with a consider gaming and when I was asked if I wanted to review one I responded that I am not a PC gamer so wasn’t a good candidate.

Samsung is concentrated this season regarding the output and multi-tasking uses of this monitor as well as advertises the Samsung DeX functionality on the internet site. The Galaxy S9 Plus was recently introduced utilizing the brand new DeX Pad coming soon and so I figured i really could try laptops using one side and Samsung DeX on the other so a monitor appeared about six weeks ago on a full size timber pallet.


  • Screen dimensions: 49 inches
  • Display quality: 3840 x 1080 pixels
  • Aspect proportion: 32:9
  • Refresh price: 144 Hz
  • Response time: 1ms (MPRT-motion picture response time)
  • harbors: Two HDMI 2.0, sound in, show port, Mini-Display interface, two USB 3.0
  • Weight: About 33 pounds


A semi-truck driver labeled as me to ask in which he may find the house and drop-off a sizable wood pallet. I became a bit caught off-guard because of the question, but in the course of time figured out that which was becoming delivered to my house and was surprised by the size of the bundle. The monitor is 49 ins and slightly curvered, but it is still very long. It isn’t that heavy at about 33 pounds, it is slightly embarrassing to carry out as a result of the length.

The retail bundle includes loads of cables, a desktop computer mounting stand, and a band to mount the monitor on the wall. It took just a few minutes to get in touch the monitor towards the table stand and connect up a few HDMI cables.

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The monitor is made up mainly of black plastic with a material framework piece all over side of the monitor. You can find three buttons and a directional pad switch regarding the bottom right which can be always access the show pc software and settings.

there clearly was a blue LED that lights up all over band that links into desktop stand and it also just glows subtely while driven on. The bezels round the screen are not as narrow as my Samsung TVs, but you can find minimal for a monitor.

The desktop installing stand is great and large therefore it provides a very stable platform when it comes to monitor. The feet increase on quite a bit it is thereforen’t useful to put any such thing while watching monitor. It is possible to move the remain true and right down to adjust the level, right to left to regulate your watching direction, and tilt it backwards and forwards to get everything perfect.

The show is very brilliant, has exemplary comparison, rather than shows any lag or other overall performance problems. The quality is okay for several things, but consider my day-to-day experiences below to see when it looks rather bad.

Computer software

to regulate the settings, input, alongside features of the Samsung monitor you just push in on joystick found about a-quarter in from the right-side. A four means compass seems with origin, menu, PBP, and energy off choices all over center return button. It is possible to move your finger slightly and work out your options.

feedback demonstrably switches amongst the numerous input sources plugged into the monitor. The menu alternative goes to the full menu for which you will find game, image, onscreen display, system, and information data and options. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory as you navigate utilising the slick path switch in the monitor.

PBP (photo by photo) alternative jumps right into this type of setting that is additionally obtainable through selection option. With PBP enabled, you can separate the display into two 27 inch wide monitors but two various resources showing from the single monitor. This screen setting allows you to pick the input and enable this mode.

Above the pc software screen you’ll see a standing club for black colored equalizer, response time, refresh price, FreeSync status, and reduced feedback lag standing.

house windows people can install the Samsung Simple Setting package energy providing you with enhanced options for screen layout for the monitor. You’ll have complete display screen, split vertically or horizontally, three panes, four panes, or six panes. There’s a button to adjust the grid and when selected you can easily pull the purple box and determine the alteration in resolution of each and every pane.

the program is not difficult to utilize and can be employed to personalize each attached monitor. You can put it on to all or any windows, auto-save, and auto-start the Easy Setting package pc software to your inclination.

Prices and competition

The CHG90 49 inches monitor happens to be offered by Samsung, and other merchants, for a MSRP of $1,099.99. There are not any various other monitors this big, but there are smaller curved monitors.

Dell, Samsung, LG, yet others make widescreen tracks to 38 ins, but to date truth be told there really is no competition for the measurements of this Samsung monitor.

Each day consumption experiences and conclusions

you will find a few approaches to utilize this monitor; single input with multiple pane options through Simple Setting Box software and Microsoft windows 10 Snap or two supply inputs with adjacent 27 inch monitor simulation. Let’s take a closer view my experiences with both choices.

Solitary input: For typical users who possess one computer system and several monitors the solitary input choice is many apt to be made use of. In cases like this, I recommend downloading and testing out the free Samsung Easy Setting package software to personalize how many panels where you could see information on screen. With this particular mode on, fonts simply were not as sharp and obvious as I would you like to see on my show. Things improved using more panels added as the resolution of every panel had been reduced using font size decreasing too.

Multiple panes in Simple Setting Box should work fine for people who choose to have four or six programs or data resources open at the same time. Some body like just about every day trader sooo want to see this informative data on a single screen.

if you do not want to use Easy Setting package, you may want to simply pull apps into the edges and also them snapped into place because of Windows 10. I tried this with a web browser using one side and a text editor on the other, but again the fonts are too blurry for me personally and I truly failed to like the solitary feedback and numerous pane experience.

The single input knowledge worked really whenever modifying the screen size from broad to 27 inch or less. During these modes, the screen appears at the center associated with the widescreen monitor, but fonts look great. Broad mode was excellent when viewing movies though, but there is however no presenter in the monitor and I also wasn’t truly testing it for motion picture viewing.

Several input resources: As an item reviewer whom oftens tests out laptop computers, tablets, and different cellular gear it absolutely was interesting having my company computer system attached to one source then other products attached to the various other origin. We connected the Samsung DeX, Huawei Mate 10 professional HDMI cable, Nintendo change, and Google Pixelbook as alternative sources to my main Surface professional 4. other people have actually setup the monitor with an Xbox or PlayStation too.

In PBP mode, the knowledge about this 49 inches monitor was exactly like you’ll expect from two 27 inches 16:9 monitors. Fonts were sharp and clear, overall performance ended up being flawless, images and video clip looked great, and I thoroughly enjoyed this knowledge.

For those who have two feedback sources and want one monitor to save lots of yourself some room and energy input after that this Samsung monitor might perfect for you. When you yourself have one origin and would like to take advantage of the complete widescreen aspect of the monitor then be prepared to compromise on font quality if you do not have actually four or six panes working.

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