Red Hydrogen One: $1,300 but this Android os phone's holographic screen impresses

Red Hydrogen One: $1,300 but this Android os phone's holographic show impresses

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The Hydrogen One holographic phone from film studio digital camera maker Red in fact does work as claimed.

ZDNet sis web site CNET got an early on hands-on demo associated with the Hydrogen One across week-end as Red gears up to start sales later this current year with Verizon and AT&T.

CNET: we saw the Red Hydrogen One phone with my own eyes

Red is way better called a manufacturer of high-end cameras utilized by Hollywood cinematographers. Its cameras have been always shoot The Hobbit, Guardians associated with the Galaxy, and most Netflix original programs.

The business launched its aspirations to take on the smartphone marketplace this past year and has now selectively shown various influencers its prototypes to drum-up interest and dispel doubts that an outsider can perform exactly what Bing, Samsung, and Apple haven’t.

The headline feature associated with Hydrogen you’re 4 View (4V), which displays holographic content in 4V structure. Red’s demonstration included videos from films which have been adjusted to 4V, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Avatar, and Brave.

CNET’s Patrick Holland discovered the “part-hologram and part-3D” result whenever viewing film clips impressive, and a lot better than Amazon’s 3D impact within the unsuccessful Fire Phone.

The picture differs to your hologram that R2-D2 projected of Princess Leia in original Star Wars, but had been immersive without requiring a VR headset.

Another demonstration showed off the Hydrogen One generating a new experience on video chat, which included level to user’s face.

Red can be likely to introduce the Hydrogen community, an on-line solution for sharing and seeing games, films, programs, songs, and initial content that offer the Hydrogen your 4V screen.

At the same time, Leia, a Silicon Valley startup that provides the Hydrogen One’s holographic display is going to be assisting developers adapt games for screen.

Considering that 2D photographs can not capture pictures on the 4V display, reporters were not allowed to just take pictures. To show from the technology, Red’s president, Jim Jannard, is likely to launch carbon-fiber theater kits which will be employed by AT&T and Verizon.

The Verge’s reviewer also arrived far from Red’s demo impressed by the holographic content, noting it was a large step over 3D on other phones. It noted the hologram does not pop from the display but instead adds level inside the picture.

It continues to be to be seen if the holographic phone will conquer fans. The telephone is costly, manufacturing searching and extremely big, but may attract digital camera lovers offered Red’s array of modular add-ons.

The Hydrogen One is going to be for sale in aluminum for $1,295 while a titanium model costs $1,595.


The Hydrogen a person is expensive, industrial-looking as well as huge, but may appeal to camera enthusiasts.

Image: Red

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