Over a million Ookla Speedtest sessions verify Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 delivers best cellular overall performance

Over a million Ookla Speedtest sessions confirm Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 provides best cellular performance

We test most every one of the newest smart phones right here on ZDNet and our experiences in the last a long period demonstrate that Qualcomm-based Android smart phones supply better RF reception than Apple’s iPhones. Modern test outcomes from Ookla Speedtest verify these experiences.

Whilst it might be simple for one business to state it is better than another, these Ookla speed tests had been carried out by over a million user-generated test sessions so there is not any organization bias into the testing. Qualcomm simply analyzed the results to create some interesting results, such as the following.

Compared to non-Android phones based on Intel XMM 7480, Android os smart phones with Snapdragon 845 on T-Mobile (480,000 examinations) had approximately:

  • 53percent quicker typical download speeds
  • 32% lower typical latency
  • 103% quicker worst-case download speeds
  • 97% quicker worst-case upload speeds
  • 21percent lower worst-case latency

Compared to non-Android mobile phones according to Intel XMM 7480, Android smartphones with Snapdragon 845 on AT&T (570,000 tests) had approximately:

  • 40percent faster typical download speeds
  • 20% quicker typical publish speeds
  • 20per cent lower typical latency
  • 11percent quicker worst-case download speeds
  • 135% faster worst-case upload speeds
  • 20percent lower worst-case latency

There vary modems at this time on Apple’s iPhone models (Intel and Qualcomm). In December, CNET posted on these various modems and stated that things are not equal. When phone indicators are weak, Qualcomm modems regularly perform better. As a regular train commuter just who travels through poor signal places, my experiences mirror the outcome of this research.

Verizon’s iPhone designs have Qualcomm modems (AT&T and T-Mobile use Intel), but there is speculation that Apple throttles back the Qualcomm modem being match the performance on Intel. We have in addition seen articles suggesting that Apple may move to using all Intel modems and sometimes even create its own in the future.

Most Android os smartphones in the usa combine Qualcomm modems so whilst results are evaluating cordless modems, if you like best overall performance for wireless connectivity then an Android os smartphone may be much better than an Apple iPhone.

Published at Mon, 23 Jul 2018 11:30:08 +0000