One less thing: No brand-new Macs

One less thing: No brand-new Macs

today’s apple occasion

Well, there its. Apple’s big September event is finished and hardly any mention had been made from the Mac ecosystem. Tim Cook performed tell us that Mac OS Mojave is returning in some months, but that was the sole reference to such a thing Macintosh.

for anybody (and myself) relying on an innovative new Mac mini or Mac mini professional or any news about a Mac professional, there was clearly nuttin’. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Even though the rumor mills are rumbling about an innovative new Mac mini, Apple yes as heck left it out here to swing into the wind.

For those of you keeping score, that will leave the Mac mini without a change since October 2014 but it’s nonetheless for sale. The Mac mini in the past ended up being introduced with MacOS Yosemite. For anyone maintaining track, we have had Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, now Mojave OS releases – although Mac mini continues to be running ancient, 2014-vintage processors no upgradeable memory.

Beyond the Mac mini, there is no mention of the pre-announced (but no details) Mac professional often. Simply silence.

Stay tuned. There can be an October occasion. After all, not only had been the Macs perhaps not resolved in this keynote, Apple didn’t mention AirPods, iPads, or AirPower both. Those had been huge omissions into the manufacturer product line, and we also absolutely anticipate development sometime quickly.

which is it. No news is just no development. Sigh.


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