Make the Kessel run-in Solo's brand-new Millennium Falcon Otterbox Symmetry Apple iPhone X case

Make the Kessel Run in Solo's new Millennium Falcon Otterbox Symmetry new iphone X case

A couple of weeks ago the OtterBox newsletter struck my inbox and I also saw it absolutely was releasing new Solo: A Star Wars tale cases. Once I saw the Millennium Falcon as one of the three brand-new color options I placed my order to protect my iPhone X.

OtterBox also offers a Chewbacca and another color alternative with different celebrity Wars symbols. The Millennium Falcon choice has got the new Falcon within the kind it had been built and originally possessed by Lando.

The truth provides OtterBox licensed drop protection. Its a-one piece instance which have a reasonably substantial bumper around the edges which also rises over the show to help keep your display protected when you set it deal with down on a table.

Each situation can be obtained now for $44.95.

Published at sunlight, 06 May 2018 12:21:09 +0000