Just how to set-up a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot for the iPhone, iPad or Android os device

Tips set-up a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPhone, iPad or Android os device

Smartphones tend to be fantastic, but venture to a place it doesn’t have mobile or Wi-Fi coverage and they turn into bit more than an elegant glass slab for you really to place your coffee cup down on.

Well, which until you have actually a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot.

In these situations you need the Iridium GO!

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The Iridium GO! seems like a typical lightweight hotspot device that you might used to produce a Wi-Fi hotspot for the products utilising the mobile network. But rather of linking to land-based cell towers, the Iridium GO! connects towards the constellation of Iridium communication satellites that orbit 500 miles over the Earth.

Your devices – up to five – then link making use of Wi-Fi toward Iridium GO! (the deice created a hotspot some 100 foot/30 yards in distance) and enables you to perform some following:

  • Make vocals calls
  • Send a quick GPS or check-in message
  • Configure your settings
  • Send Twitter revisions
  • Activate crisis SOS

The Iridium GO! is built to MIL-STD 810F spec and it is water- and dust-proof to IP65. It comes with a battery that is beneficial to some 7 hours of use and 16 hours of standby.

Sounds good, correct? But there are drawbacks.

First, it is not inexpensive. The device alone will be around $800, after which there is the information. An Iridium GO Unlimited Data and SMS provides you with 150 moments of talk time, and well as limitless text and data for $149.99 per month.

as an alternative, you might opt for the Iridium GO Prepaid Service, gives either you 500 vocals moments, or 1000 “data mins,” or 3000 texts for $795.

The data rates may also be slow. Eye-wateringly slow compared to even 3G rates. You are looking at a maximum of 10kbps, and that is using Iridium’s approved – and highly-optimized – apps (suitable for iOS and Android). This device is not ideal for regular net browsing, therefore will not offer you a hit of brand new pet video clips whenever far from civilization.

Despite the drawbacks, if you wish to or want to continue to be connected when off-the-grid, this might be among fastest and easiest to utilize solutions online, and works surprisingly really as long as you know about the limitations of this Iridium community, and don’t anticipate 3G/4G style overall performance through the solution.

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