Is Apple preparing the death of the iPhone X's many controversial design feature?

Is Apple planning the death of the iPhone X's most questionable design function?

The "notch"

The “notch”

While most people appear oblivious to iOS annoyances, artistic design changes ver quickly become those types of “love-it-or-hate-it” things. No iPhone design function is as questionable whilst the “notch.”

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however if a written report by ETNews is proper, this feature could possibly be gone by 2019.

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based on the report, Apple will dump the “notch” used to house the 3D sensor and camera module near the top of the screen and move to a full-screen design where in fact the components are embedded into the show.

what exactly is interesting could be the reported reason behind this move. It isn’t considering customer feedback.

“Apple is looking for another strategy that may differentiate itself when Chinese Smartphone producers are imitating and using notch design with their brand-new smart phones.”

So it appears that in a few months the iPhone X “notch” is now so iconic it’s currently becoming copied.

This report, although instead light on details, does not shock me personally.

The “notch” had been constantly a design compromise, and there have been a great amount of legitimate rumors in run-up towards the unveiling regarding the iPhone X that advised Apple ended up being working on embedding sensors into the screen in 2017. The schedule for eradication of that “notch” doesn’t shock me personally often. To eradicate it after annually will make it apparent that it was a blunder, so 2019 feels appropriate. It also gives Apple the opportunity to improve the technology, in both terms of the hardware, display yield, and value.

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Although there are whom think that this “feature” will probably hold off for some time to come.

when you fancy spending a lot of dollars on an iPhone, but do not like that “notch,” you have a while to save lots of your pennies.

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