InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Bubbles, damage, and damaged claims

InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Bubbles, breakage, and broken promises


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Samsung’s smart phones have curved glass across the sides that have presented a significant challenge for makers of display protectors. Despite seeing the set up video clip, carefully cleaning the screen, and exercising increased level of perseverance, the latest ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite don’t work out for me personally.

about ten years ago, I used display screen protectors on every product I possessed. Glass companies have actually proceeded to improve screen products and I avoid using protectors on my smartphones these days. Occasionally the device display screen gets scratched, but we never drop my phones therefore it is only through careless pocketing of modification or rubbing together of various other mobile phones that creates issues in my situation.

i have tested many display screen protectors before but wear them the shows of many family thus I think about myself the citizen expert on installation. After becoming married for 25 years and helping boost three daughters, including mentoring my youngest in football for decade, I am a very patient man and. Despite my knowledge and persistence, I was completely let down by this display screen protector on analysis Galaxy S9 Plus We have available.

The InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite protector is available today for $49.99. It really is an item of tempered glass, with a shock absorbent level, and full screen glue this is certainly built to ensure that is stays positioned. The protector doesn’t expand completely toward top, bottom, or sides so an instance may still assist the protector in place.


Inside the retail field, you’ll find total installation guidelines with a suggestion to see the installation movie. To be sure we performed every little thing correctly, we moved and viewed the set up video clip before trying the install.

This is actually among easiest protectors to install thanks a lot in huge component towards EZ utilize Tray that serves as a positioning guide to help you merely position the protector down onto your phone with no need for numerous tries to align particular openings in protector.

I cleaned the screen, utilized the dirt treatment sticker (pre and post setting up the EZ employ Tray), and confirmed there was not a spec of dust from the display. After this you peel from the lime the rear of the glass protector and put it down inside the EZ employ Tray utilizing the two clear tabs.

the particular squeegee instructions have been in strong and I followed all of them on letter. You hold it with four fingers and make use of the material end in the screen to maneuver from the botom into the top of the display. This material end is then run-up the edges where in fact the curved area of the show and protector are present. The last action is by using the hard end associated with the squeegee to work out remaining bubbles.

All sounds good and though it will require some time, it isn’t difficult. However, my results were terrible and pushed us to throw away the protector.

Bubbles, brokenness, and performance influence

the web site advertises that set up will undoubtedly be quickly, precise, and bubble-free. Despite verifying there clearly was not a speck of dust from the display, we were left with over several bubbles after setting up it and trying to work them out. Approximately half of those ultimately moved away since the adhesive set in, but you may still find about six that we cannot eliminate.

the most important problem I have however is that the top right spot of protector smashed as I was with the squeegee to work out bubbles because area. I became frankly surprised at just how efficiently it smashed when I had only starting exercising the bubbles and wasn’t being hostile or using much force. The protector is actually garbage now, but ZAGG has a lifetime guarantee that will bring about replacement of protector therefore I can decide to try installing it once again.

After setting up the protector and the removal of the EZ utilize Tray, you observe that protector is in fact quite thick considering that the sides tend to be revealed when you lack your phone-in a case. The sides aren’t sharp, but my fingers positively rub against all of them when I hold it in my own hand which is not an excellent experience to see with your phone.

ZAGG provides guidelines to regulate the house key force and flip the toggle for increased touch sensitivity to help the protector be effective better for you. I changed these configurations and discovered the show responsiveness to be perfectly with text, swiping, and more all working when I desired.

both sides associated with protector block area of the curved side of the show because there are black boundaries on display. It is not atrocious, nevertheless the protector does influence the functionality of the Edge panel technology in the S9 Plus. Swiping in from edge to launch the Edge panel works most of the time, however, if you previously wish shift the keeping of the Edge panel activation club then you may be out of luck. The Edge panel signal bar is concealed by the display protector plus it takes severe little finger gymnastics to attempt to work round the protector to move this up-and-down your screen.

The black colored border on top and base also take off a bit of the curved corners. It’s not a major problem for me, but the protector must not influence the viewable part of the show. The protector gives the display a slightly various look and I am sure screen fanatics will never be pleased about these changes.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Looking past the installation and affect making use of the side panels, exactly what can we say about it display screen protector solution?

ZAGG advertises the protector offers a smooth, silky experience which is wholly accurate. It feels far better to my little finger to slip around on the protector than regarding screen for the S9 Plus itself. I also see less fingerprints on protector than used to do on display.

if you should be successful in getting this protector put in plus don’t need certainly to go the Edge panel activation bar, then this protector may work good for you. It should protect your screen from drops and break ahead of the S9 Plus screen breaks. While my experiences were lower than ideal, I checked-out Amazon additionally the reviews there additionally mimic my experiences so there are undoubtedly installation challenges to-be overcome.

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