Here's the next iPad Pro Apple should develop: Specs and speculation

Here's next iPad Pro Apple should develop: Specs and speculation

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In July 2010, We published concerning the next-generation iPad and exactly what Apple must provide.

Predicated on information gleaned from revisions in iOS and intelligence taken from the semiconductor industry at that time, I polished the crystal basketball — in my usual solely speculative method — of the thing I thought consecutive iPads might seem like, and/or functions they need to include.

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I iterated this over the years — for the third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-generation regarding the iPad. Some stuff I got appropriate, some stuff I got incorrect.

Typically, I done this soon after an iPad’s launch. Now, I’m going to do so only a few months prior to, because, until recently, i did not think we’d sufficient clues.

Apple revealed its new, lower-cost, Apple Pencil-compatible iPad at its knowledge event just a few weeks hence, but it would not announce brand new iPad Pro models, which have perhaps not had a revision since Summer 2017 and, arguably, have never changed much since September 2016.

So, when it comes to functions of the article, with WWDC approaching in 2 months, I wish to concentrate on the iPad professional designs and speculate just what functions they might consist of.


The Touch ID sensor, that has been part of the iPad Pro since its beginning in 2015, is likely to make a deviation because of the introduction of this 10-inch and 12.9-inch models and only the face area ID sensor in the iPhone X.

The functionality changes in the iPhone X were significant adequate to cause some controversy given that it required significant user version.

I would personally expect that those folks who failed to migrate to an iPhone X — that would be using Face ID for the first time on an iPad professional — would withstand comparable problems, although iOS 11 has actually withstood enough tweaks inside intervening time frame that the majority of the quirks have now been sorted on.

I’m still maybe not crazy using double-click activity quietly energy key to verify expenditures within the App shop on an iPhone X. I’d probably dislike it much more on an iPad Pro, as you cannot take action one-handed, assuming Apple uses similar UX device.

Another problem that goes beyond usability — and unlearning learned practices using the house key and Touch ID with a Face ID-based iPad Pro — is how well we can expect Face ID to work on a much bigger unit that’s held more away from the face as well as in two different orientations.

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We often use my iPad Pro most in a landscape positioning, since it is the 12.9-inch design and keeping it in a portrait mode is difficult. From the 10-inch model, it really is less cumbersome, but I nonetheless feel that people tend to make use of this device in landscape considering how many applications tend to be written to take advantage of the display screen property.

Putting the face area ID sensor aided by the front-facing camera at the top associated with display screen in portrait mode, as it’s in the iPhone X is aesthetically unusual, nonetheless it may possibly nevertheless work.

However, if the iPad professional has the same iPhone X-style “notch” in an equivalent position from the product, it might likely annoy countless people, given that it would appear in the right side or perhaps the left region of the screen in landscape.

Therefore, my goal is to not in favor of convention and state that regarding next iPad Pro, the selfie digital camera and the Face ID sensor are added to the top of the display screen in a landscape direction — not a portrait one.

Concerning cameras, it’s very most likely that at least the 12.9-inch SKU for the iPad Pro will inherit the front- and rear-camera configurations of this iPhone X, and therefore includes the double 12-megapixel (f/1.8, 28mm) sensor inside backside and 12-megapixel (f/2.4, 52mm) sensor in the front with optical picture stabilization (OIS).


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It is in this location in which in my opinion the essential level of (modest) conjecture will occur. The quickest chip Apple features now is the 2.39Ghz 64-bit A11 Bionic, which uses a big.LITTLE-style Hexa-core asymmetrical-multiprocessing design using two bigger “Monsoon” cores and four smaller “Mistral” cores.

The existing A10X within the second-generation iPad professional makes use of three huge “Hurricane” cores and three “Zephyr” cores. While Apple could simply dump the present A11 to the brand new iPad professional, i believe they revision the processor chip to an A11X, with the addition of a 3rd Monsoon and a fourth “Mistral” using the current TSMC 10-nanometer process.

I don’t expect 4-4 and 4-6 or 6-6 before the introduction of an A12 or A12X possibly in an ARM-based Mac.

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The A11 in the iPhone X uses the M11 movement chip. We anticipate you will see an M12 — but, most likely, perhaps not through to the after that iPhone release.

The A11 uses a 3-core customized Apple GPU, which is a deviation through the 12-core PowerVR-based architecture on A10X. I expect your core count will most likely increase, likely to four or six based on display requirements.

In addition feel it really is safe to assume that iPad Pro may have moderate RAM improvements over the past model additionally the iPhone X, which had 3GB LPDDR4X onboard. Therefore, 4GB is most likely that which we will end up getting, with 32K Instruction/32K Data of L1 and 8GB of L2 cache, respectively.


I think that the 10-inch form of the iPad professional is likely to keep up with the exact same or similar screen technology and requirements whilst the previous variation at 1920×1080, nevertheless the 12.9-inch will probably go through considerable improvements.

At this time, the 12.9-inch iPad features a 2732×2048 264ppi screen, which uses Apple’s marketing display refresh and wide-color display technology. The resolution of this iPad Pro 12.9-inch has not yet changed since its launch in 2015, therefore it is because of for a change.

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I think the 2018 iPad professional 12.9-inch will be the very first Apple smart phone to integrate a 4K (3840×2160) resolution display screen such that it can consume 4K local content from the iTunes store, which, presently, only a few of the highest-end Mac methods and Apple TVs attached to 4K tvs can natively show.

Although regarding the other improvements explained in this essay tend to be extremely iterative, a 4K screen on an iPad Pro could be an important improvement and deviation from what the product has, however it would in addition demonstrate significant value-add and grounds for present iPad professional owners to upgrade to a new model.


As to communications and networking, there have been very strong indications that Apple will abandon the Qualcomm modems in support of Intel modems in the next iPhone.

Considering the fact that Apple boats a great deal a lot fewer iPads than iPhones, in order to simplify its supply chain, we understand organization testing the seas with this early, therefore we are going to see an Intel-only LTE modem into the iPad professional.

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I also be prepared to look at exact same or a similar USI 339S00448 802.11ac MU-MIMO Wi-Fi/Bluetooth component, used inside lower-cost iPad and was only released combined with the same Cirrus Logic CS42L42 audio component.

In addition believe that, such as the iPhones that recently did away with it, we are able to eventually say goodbye to the headphone jack within the iPad professional. If you should be still making use of wired earphones (just like me), it’s time to use that Lightning-to-Mini jack dongle, in case you haven’t already been using it on both your iPhone and iPad currently.


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This is an area that can go two various ways: Either Apple does absolutely nothing different and keeps the standing quo by sticking with Lightning and a USB PD-compatible recharging program, or it does something different.

Using the 7.5W Qi charging, that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X has, is most likely impossible.

We know already just what the AirPower looks like, and there does not be seemingly a good way to put an iPad over one. It will be totally unbalanced. Therefore, while Apple could equip an iPad with Qi charging you, it generally does not appear equipped to get it done along with its own accessory.

I believe it is very most likely the updated iPad Pro will take care of the Lightning connector and USB PD from past model.

While USB-C-to-USB-C (Thunderbolt) connectivity, as used on current MacBooks, is nice and inject some long-term sanity and industry standards into the equation, there are adequate people who have both iPhones and iPads that keeping two (or three) various units of cables would be regarded as annoying.

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It really is bad adequate that people folks who have iPhone 7s and older mobile phones need keep USB-A-to-Lightning cables around. Can you imagine, to be able to take advantage of the most recent quick charge technologies, being forced to keep USB-C-to-Lightning and USB-C-to-USB-C cables (presuming you do not currently do, as a current MacBook owner), and?

One reason behind going to a USB-C-to-USB-C dock software is if Apple made a decision to completely apply Thunderbolt on an iPad therefore it could be utilized as a makeshift workstation with a bigger external show, mouse, keyboard, and an exterior GPU.

This feels like an all natural development for iPad Pro, specially if we see device convergence with the Mac, and also the company eventually decides to undertake Microsoft’s Surface professional straight areas. I recently do not observe that taking place this present year, though.

Exactly what technologies do you believe are going to be introduced into the brand new iPad professional? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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