Gallery: top add-ons for Apple's HomePod

Gallery: top accessories for Apple's HomePod

There’s a whole lot driving on popularity of Apple’s brand-new HomePod wise presenter, so news it had sold out on pre-orders in front of the 9 February launch have been met with a few sighs of relief in Apple’s ‘spaceship’ HQ in Cupertino.

Initial reviews usually praise the presenter’s audio high quality, but the HomePod is also an AI-driven product that’s built to utilize Apple’s Siri voice assistant. And, crucially, the HomePod also contains Apple’s HomeKit software for house automation. HomeKit was really launched in 2014, within iOS 8, but has struggled to get support as wise speakers such as for instance Amazon’s Echo and Google Residence took a lead into the smart real estate market.

So, also simply becoming a top-notch presenter, the HomePod normally an essential strategic product that should be profitable if Apple is get a foothold inside key home-automation market. And, with all the HomePod hardly per week old, the initial signs tend to be favorable, with several new smart products announcing assistance for HomeKit. Most of these are geared towards house people, but some can also be beneficial in an office or commercial conditions like resort hotels or restaurants (and, obviously, a lot of them in addition support the Amazon Echo also).

If you are thinking of purchasing a £319/$349 HomePod as a hub for your smart office or home, below are a few of this HomeKit-compatible devices you can actually get a grip on.


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