Even brand-new news battles: Univision seeks sale of Onion and Gizmodo sites

Also new media battles: Univision seeks purchase of Onion and Gizmodo sites

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Gizmodo Media Group (previously Gawker Media) and The Onion internet sites tend to be available, reports Sam Machkovech at Ars Technica,just couple of years after Univision purchased them within plans to strengthen its profits just before an IPO.

Univision acquired Gawker Media by outbidding Ziff Davis having its $135 million offer in August 2016. Times later on, Gawker.com power down when you look at the wake of effective litigation by Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea across site’s report on their mid-2000s intercourse tape.

there were reports that layoffs will likely to be made at The Onion and its particular future is within doubt if a-sale is certainly not made. Univision said it promises to concentrate on its core energy: Serving US Hispanic areas. Univision said The Onion need “greater opportunities to develop under brand new ownership.”

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Foremski’s Take: this might be yet another illustration of how difficult it is within the news industry. It demonstrates that also “digital-first” news organizations have found it tough to survive, yet they were doing all the correct things — all the internet based items that traditional media companies usually haven’t done however but plan to do.

they truly are in big trouble considering that the worth of web marketing will continue to plunge and huge amounts of advertisement fraud are more hurting media businesses.

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Media businesses in tv plus in printing still have a legacy advertising business that is not decreasing as quickly as digital advertising incomes.

This continual decline in the value of an online ad is better observed in Google’s quarterly monetary outcomes. Every 90 days $GOOG states a 15- to 10-percent drop in income per simply click.

This occurs every one-fourth, but Bing manages to find brand-new places to demonstrate much more adverts, so that it usually beats Wall Street estimates.

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But this isn’t a technique that other news companies can use to survive. More disruption is coming.

When it comes to The Onion, its future appeared restricted also with no dismal economics of the news business. Its headlines and tales had previously been funny since they obviously could be recognized as satire, however these times it’s truth that seems like satire.

including, this current AP tale by which an US immigration judge tries to concern a one-year old infant in courtroom :

“i am ashamed to ask it, because I don’t know whom you would describe it to, if you don’t genuinely believe that a 1-year-old could find out immigration law,” Judge John W. Richardson informed the attorney representing the 1-year-old son.

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