Best add-ons for your iPhone

Most useful add-ons for your iPhone

I keep getting requested suggestions for dash cameras that connect with a smartphone app.

I tested a whole lot, and they are a mixed bunch. Most are great except in reasonable light, while others provide great image quality under all light circumstances, they have another weakness.

One of the best I’ve tested recently could be the Mio MiVue 766 WIFI dash cam. It’s small, fully-featured, connects to an app, and that can eve stream direct to Facebook (if you’d like to do that).

The MiVue files at a crystal clear HD 1920 x 1080p at 30fps, and that can take a 128GB microSD card, so that you will not be restricted on storage.

In addition such as the optional MiVue Manager pc software for Computer and Mac, enabling the GPS path to be overlayed on Google Maps, and addititionally there is a truly cool way Analyzer function that driving path and displays 3-axis G-forces in sync using the recorded video.

Posted at Tue, 02 Oct 2018 14:17:28 +0000