Atari VCS gaming system Linux mini-PC finally offered to pre-order

Atari VCS gaming system Linux mini-PC finally offered to pre-order


Atari VCS Onyx edition

If you have already been after along with the continuing saga of legendary gaming brand name Atari’s newest endeavor — a living space online game console and Linux dependent PC that was initially dubbed Ataribox before morphing into Atari VCS — you are well aware it’s had even more untrue starts than a struggling offensive lineman. A crowdfunding campaign ended up being teased and then abandoned, simply to look at concept revamped with another campaign teased.

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Contrary to popular belief, Atari features eventually delivered at the very least regarding very first element of its intend to get the VCS into the hands of actual consumers. Its long-promised Indiegogo promotion has launched, and nostalgia freaks already are ordering systems towards track of over $2 million as of this writing. As formerly established, prices for VCS begins at $199 when it comes to Onyx console, however you want to cough up another $30 for joystick, $49 when it comes to “modern” controller, or $59 for both feedback devices. If you’d like the console using the wood trim reminiscent of the first Atari 2600 this is certainly obtaining the absolute most buzz, you’ll want to spend $299, though that includes a joystick. (significantly more than 1,500 have already been bought around this writing.)

While we’ve understood about Atari’s pricing plan and high-level spec resources currently, the Indiegogo web page is offering united states an initial examine more in depth specs the VCS. As an example, we knew that Atari had been using the services of AMD, but we know now that the VCS is slated to make use of the Bristol Ridge A10 Central Processing Unit as well as a Radeon R7 GPU. It will feature 4GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage space, though with the USB harbors and microSD card slot you can add exterior storage space ability if needed. The VCS will ship with an Ubuntu-based Linux os, which will allow buyers to utilize it for longer than just retro gaming.

But obviously that is the primary benefit of the VCS, which is the focus of this Atari user interface for the product. The organization are retooling a few of its classics to guide multi-player mode across the Web, that includes in-game chat while the prospective to gamecast via Twitch. (Atari states it really is in talks with Twitch about online streaming VCS games, but has actually nothing tangible to disclose presently.) Use of new games may be offered through the Steam system, though Atari has actually indicated it’s going to be working on brand-new games aswell.

Although the Indiegogo promotion and new details will delight retro gamers longing for even more tangible all about the VCS, the main one bummer could be the launch date. Atari states it does not plan to send 1st consoles until per year from now. Will that deter you against purchasing one? Or perhaps is the vow of playing Centipede on the TV once more really worth the hold off? Let us know in the comments area below.

Posted at Thu, 31 May 2018 12:36:00 +0000