Apple CarPlay: iOS 12 will eventually enable you to make use of Google Maps, Waze

Apple CarPlay: iOS 12 will finally enable you to use Bing Maps, Waze

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Since Apple CarPlay established in 2014, Apple iOS people have now been forced to utilize Apple Maps for navigation. Which will eventually change with iOS 12, makes it possible for people to pick whatever third-party mapping applications they would like to use for navigation.

CarPlay is Apple’s system for placing choose iOS apps in a driver-friendly structure on a car’s in-built show, assisting motorists make telephone calls, answer emails, stream songs, and acquire navigation assistance.

Announcing third-party navigation support at WWDC on Monday, Apple showed a picture associated with the CarPlay software with Bing Maps, Google-owned Waze, and Autonavi Navigation, a Chinese application.

This is great the numerous iOS users just who prefer Google Maps over Apple’s more youthful maps platform on their iPhone but have not had the decision to make use of when driving.

Apple Maps has improved since its launch on iOS in 2012 but nonetheless arguably isn’t as higher level as Bing Maps for iOS and Android.

CarPlay does at this time support a selection of third-party apps mainly in audio but in addition messaging apps like WhatsApp. But because of the need for directions whenever operating the option of employing a preferred and familiar navigation software must be advantageous to iPhone owners.

It is still unknown how Google Maps and Waze will look and function in CarPlay, nor whether Google Maps in CarPlay will gain Siri assistance.

But apparently the 3rd party navigation apps will begin appearing on CarPlay-powered dashboards after iOS 12 launches in September.


At WWDC, Apple revealed a picture regarding the CarPlay interface with Bing Maps, Google-owned Waze, and Chinese software Autonavi Navigation.

Image: Apple/YouTube

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