5 reasons why you should choose Google's Pixel 3 over an iPhone or Galaxy phone

5 reasons why you should pick Google's Pixel 3 over an iPhone or Galaxy phone

On Oct. 9 Bing will full reveal its next-generation leading smartphones, likely to be called the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We understand a few things in regards to the mobile phones today.

For example, past leaks have shown cordless charging you, — a primary for Pixel devices — and you will have a notch on bigger Pixel 3. Based from what we know about Google’s approach to the Pixel range, here are 5 explanations you need to pick upcoming Google’s Pixel phone over Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy lineup.

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Don’t worry, you may not need wait very long — Bing will start taking pre-orders immediately following the function.

The Pixel’s camera

With each new smartphone period, the camera is certainly one area that’s improved almost across the board. Sometimes it really is smaller tweaks like with Samsung’s line of Galaxy mobile phones, in other cases you will find big steps forward as is the scenario with all the iPhone XS.

In only two brief many years Google has actually created what’s probably a smartphone camera available — and it’s done it by using one digital camera, maybe not two as is the truth having its competitors.

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One-word comes to mind when I think about the Pixel’s camera: Reliable. Being able to consistently snap a high-quality image is one thing We appreciate tremendously.

Limitless photo backup

Since the launch of this original Pixel phone, Bing has furnished Pixel people with unlimited image and video (at initial quality) back-up through its Bing Photos service for free. Google images provides free unlimited back-up for optimized versions of your videos and pictures to everyone else, but Bing permits users to backup and shop the original, full-quality, variations of his or her picture collection.

Pure-ish Android

A significant fuss has been made about Android os together with customization that businesses like Samsung make to it. Aided by the Pixel line, Bing takes “pure” Android os and makes simple tweaks, mainly towards the launcher, to present a more Pixel-like experience.

Instead of suffering duplicate apps as is the situation on Samsung products, a Pixel is sold with Google services and apps, and nothing more.

When it comes to iPhone, let us deal with it, not everyone is an admirer of iOS and it’s restrictions.

Month-to-month safety changes

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The one thing Bing has actually over all of its Android os partners is control over the operating-system. Thereupon ownership, Bing is able to reliably push out monthly security revisions directly to all Pixel devices, irrespective of cordless service. Instead of waiting around for Samsung to make usage of an update, and make an effort to time it with bug and show changes, after which wait for provider to drive it, Pixel revisions are multiple.

Undoubtedly, Apple has got the same method, although updates are not always introduced month-to-month. Changes for the iPhone tend to be released whenever required, as slow or quick as needed.


Apple and Samsung each sell a phone that costs over $1,000. We do not however know very well what Google plans to sell the Pixel 3 XL for, however, if earlier many years are any sign, the Pixel 3 XL won’t strike the four-digit cost threshold.

For research, the first Pixel XL topped completely at $869. The Pixel 2 XL maxes out at $949. So it is near, as well as perhaps Bing will release a phone priced over $999, but let’s hope maybe not.

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