18 how to make the after that iPhone best smartphone previously

18 ways to result in the next iPhone a smartphone ever

Apple Mac OS X people are fortunate enough to have tight integration with iOS in terms of notifications help. If you dismiss notifications in the Mac, it also does it on the iOS device, and vice-versa.

All this is done with Continuity, which also improves the hand-off knowledge between products for applications, documents, and web pages.

Windows users aren’t therefore fortunate, although Microsoft is wanting to ease this dilemma with the Action Center in Windows 10.

By getting Cortana and Edge for your iOS (and Android os) products, in Windows 10 it’s possible to have some — not all — regarding the experience that Mac people get with Continuity. It’s not perfect, nevertheless. You will get notifications from your own devices and hand-off web sites you look at Edge for iOS to the PC, but the support just isn’t bidirectional.

If you dismiss notifications on Microsoft windows, they aren’t dismissed on iOS product, if you dismiss them in iOS, they’ve beenn’t dismissed in Windows. So, if you have been focusing on your personal computer from day to night butn’t looked over your iPhone in a few hours, you will be welcomed with an entire mess of notifications you need to discount. Suck.

just how can this be fixed? Apple must offer bi-directional notifications API integration on iOS for businesses like Microsoft, to allow them to provide much better help to end-users. Or, better yet, Apple must cooperate with Microsoft to create a full-blown type of Continuity for Windows 10.

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Published at Fri, 27 Apr 2018 14:03:00 +0000