​Samsung to show down in-house AI startups at SXSW

​Samsung to exhibit off in-house AI startups at SXSW


Toonsquare converts sentences into cartoons. Image: Samsung

Samsung Electronics will reveal three new projects from the C-Lab program considering artificial cleverness (AI) on future SXSW 2018 tradeshow, the business has established.

Toonsquare, Aurora, and device are included in C-Lab, or innovative Lab, the South Korean tech giant’s in-house start up program, and will showcase their products at tradeshow running from March 11 to 14 at Austin Convention Center in Austin, Tx.

Toonsquare is an AI app that immediately converts a phrase into a cartoon. People can choose a character from pre-sets or create figures based on images.

The software analyses text to read feeling and motions implied into the phrase, and then advises facial expressions and motions regarding the personality. Experiences, fonts, and address bubbles could be customized to generate a cartoon.

Aurora provides a visualized 3D personality assistant that interacts using the individual by sound and aesthetically on display screen. The app also recognises gestures and location of the user through a smartphone digital camera.

device is a real-time ad auction platform for in-game ads that aren’t pop-up or interstitial but native objects inside online game, like billboards. Ads can be bought to marketers in real-time through a automated trading system. It’s also updated in real-time and targeted.

C-Lab started back in 2012 and has up to now fostered over 200 a few ideas, the business said. Most are included on company although some spun down as separate corporations.

final April five startups focused on beauty and children graduated.

In January this present year, Samsung showcased three projects, including an intelligent glass when it comes to aesthetically weakened.


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