​Android Auto comes in Hyundai, Kia cars in Korea

​Android Auto arrives in Hyundai, Kia vehicles in Korea

Android os Auto will likely be for sale in Southern Korea the very first time through local car producers Hyundai engine and Kia Motors, Bing features launched.

The service was established in 2015 and is obtainable in 31 nations in English. The Korean version could be the first language beyond English. Android automobile is obtainable in Hyundai and Kia automobiles sold overseas.

Local motorists can connect their smartphones aided by the Android os Auto app installed with their cars via USB. They are able to provide vocals instructions, courtesy of Google Assistant, the usa search monster’s AI system.

For navigation they will certainly use Kakao Navi, chat huge Kakao’s navigation app, as Google Maps has actually restricted accessibility in the country.

They can in addition activate via sound commands regional songs online streaming services such as for example Melon and Naver Music plus talk apps such as for instance Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Bing’s regional competing Naver can be getting ready to start an in-car variation because of its AI platform Clova in Hyundai and Kia vehicles because of the end of the season.

SK Telecom can also be likely to incorporate its NUGU AI system having its automobile navigation service T Map.

Hyundai is collaborating with Kakao to launch in-car speech recognition services which use the latter’s AI system Kakao we. A Hyundai automobile because of the technology will roll out in September.

final November, SK Telecom and Hyundai created a $45 million AI fund to purchase promising startups globally.


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